Top 5 awesome private tutor websites

4 min readDec 17, 2020

Selwyn Theo

Private tutors are often faced with the challenge of building reputable web presence to their business which brings leads. This challenge is augmented by various other issues including the ever changing technology of the internet, robust and modern design, engaging content and integration with sales funnel. We at ClassFolios have made this job a little simpler by providing insights into what makes a great private tutor website and also lending a helping hand to make that happen. The list we have compiled is just for inspiration for your tutor website from a design perspective. Please note the order of list does not communicate order of our preference but a compilation.

1 — NMS Tuition

Natasha is a French, Spanish and ESL (English as a Second Language) private tutor in the UK who has spent many years revolving around languages. She has a beautiful website — NMS Tuition — that clearly informs her potential students of her specialities, services and how much she charges.

Not only is her website super easy to navigate around in and very clearly indicated, she goes beyond just giving out the most important information by also keeping up a blog full of interesting tips and insights! If you want to learn more about education, languages or other tips — the blog is a great inspiration for those who are into writing.

2. Katie Tutors Math

Katie is a Math Tutor. She teaches both online and offline in North Portland. Katie Tutor’s Math website is great because she goes straight to the point about her methodology and what she hopes to achieve with her students (build confidence in maths and ability to do difficult tasks). On her homepage she also directly shares what she offers for what price.

If you have any questions that may have before wanting to contact her, Katie has a FAQ section with answers for general enquiries, homework help and more. Super if you do not want to repeatedly answer the same questions by mail that your visitors may have!

3. Deep Roots Learning Solutions

Beth is an Orton-Gillingham tutor based in Massachusetts. She has a reputation for her methodology and offers help through her YouTube channel to other tutors. This site is primarily for supporting her business help service to other tutors where her course is offered with clear value of what to expect in her course.

She has a clear call to action in her site with emphasis on her course and how it will help other tutors to gain the knowledge not only on the teaching side of things but also the business side of it as well. Modules like “Engaging with students and parents using assessments” and others are topics of value for a new tutor to gain insights into tutoring business.

4. Soflo Tutors

Adam Shlomi founded SoFlo SAT tutoring site while he was recuperating from an ankle injury and with a positive mindset not only entrepreneurial but also positive to overcome his health challenges. We had the privilege of interacting with Adam for Product market fit for ClassFolios.

The website gives the viewer a direct connection with the existing users by streaming a video testimony of a parent who states the benefit of using Soflo tutoring over others. The call to action is immediate and direct which cannot be ignored. There are some brand colors used across the site which appeals to give a professional touch.

5. Dyslexia Jax — Jacksonville Tutoring Specialists

Dannah has a personal journey to share in her website where she calls out her introduction to reading difficulties with her son. This brings in the empathy towards parents who are struggling with such issues at home. The site is well organized and has the getting started page that explains the basic issue of Dyslexia and helps to connect with parents immediately.

This is a great website which shows that when you have a specific specialization you can make an interesting and user-friendly website.