ClassFolios Tutorpreneur Series using Notion Templates

1 min readDec 26, 2020

Get started with your tutoring business

Getting a tutoring business can be good hustle but the daunting tasks of transitioning from a teacher to running a business can be overwhelming. The need for private tutors has soared since the pandemic and it is usual to see advertisements in Twitter like below

At ClassFolios we have worked to make it easier for tutors who wants to get their tutoring business going with ready made templates which answers questions like

  1. How do I find clients?
  2. What should be the tutoring contract I should use?
  3. What tutor flyers to use?
  4. How do I keep track of my students and sessions?
  5. How do I record progress?
  6. How to communicate with parents?
  7. What should I invoice my parents/students?

We created all this as easy to share templates and we chose to use Notion which is a good productivity app and it has a free tier to get started.

Access to this template is through the link here makes all these templates work for your in an auto-pilot mode. Never you have to think again to set or customize these templates within